Welcome to the first post of our “Happy Monday” series. I enjoy the heck out of Monday because after the weekend I’m back to an exciting 5 days of editing, designing, discussing, creating etc etc. So I am going to try my best to share my Monday thoughts as much as I can with all of you out there!

Today I am going to discuss briefly something that many may not know… we do printing! From Albums and canvases to thank you cards and invitations we offer a variety of different print options to our clients. Since the re-launch of our main website at www.AnandEventServices.com we are working on a separate site for our printing services. Don’t hesitate to contact us though for any inquiries. We print on Laser, Inkjet and Dye-sublimation and on a variety of materials such as photo paper, canvas, foam board, acrylic, metal and more! We can also do custom shapes.

So for March we are having a promotional special on Canvas printing… 15% off our already low prices!

Contact us for more info!